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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> in the most of recent quarter we would have been well over 3% except for the hurricanes. lou: you would think you were a member of the trump administration. mr. secretary, thank you very much. we thank all of you for joining us. kennedy: republicans pass a budget. but the big tax fight starts next week. the president lifts the veil on the jfk assassination. will we get answers or just more conspiracies. open your eyes. it's time to see the light. the budget barely sneaked through the house. but not without a few snares. several high-tax blue state republicans almost taingd this latest effort. the state and local tax deductions that make living in places like california bearable.
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taxes are bear panel because who doesn't love the tax cuts. no one wants to give up their darling deductions. the republican tax plan is a way of shifting the burden and bringing revenue from other streams. there are too many streams and not enough dams. though it may seem like you are getting a hefty tax break on the corporate side on a simplified code. you will end up paying for it and maybe paying more by not expressing your tax avied voidans that encourage patriots to keep more of what is rightfully theirs. if the feds can stop gorging themselves on the trillion dollar budget, we can't cut costs and reduce the size of government, can we.
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these gestures will be meaningless when we are burdened with more debt than we were ever meant to handle. many republicans voted no on today's budget, mostly from the high tax states. speaker paul ryan says he will work with everyone so they can clear the next big hurdle. >> the ways and means committee will be putting out the specific plan very shortly, and they will work with awful our members to consider and address their concerns. i believe the ways and means committee will be working with these members to find a solution.
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kennedy: should republicans be worried they aren't totally unified on this? welcome to the show. so obviously i like cutting taxes, i like cutting spending. this congress, democrat and republican. they are not going to do that. what is the risk of raising spending and cutting taxes? >> you had a great opening and you said it in a more colorful way than i'm going to say. >> it temperatures not tax reform, it's a tax cut. the budget was to have the deficit aloud under the continuing resolution. can they do the tax cuts they are talking about to bring it within $1.5 trillion? today the answer is no. kennedy: cut spending too which is why it's not reform. it is a tax cut that will add to the deficit.
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i don't think they will have the state and local issue on the stable when it comes to the senate to pass tax reform. i think they will try to figure out what type of model they can get to get groalt high enough to brir in more money. kennedy: i have no problem with that. i love supply side economics. that's fantastic. i don't care who wins politically as long as people get more of their own money. but with the way republicans and democrats are both taxing, and this president, he has great ideas on deregulation. but when it comes to spending, he spends like a democrat on social program and like a republican on defense. you've said it perfectly. if you are not going to cut social program and add military spending, where are you going to get money to pay for these tax cuts? what i'm surprised about is the republicans for the last decade have always been about pay-go.
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pay-as-you-go. if you are going to cut taxes you have to pay for it. all of a sudden the fiscal hawks are no longer fiscal hawrks. kennedy: there are some. and they voted against this budget because they know it doesn't constrain spending enough. the liberty voices in can congress, and democrats are now the ones squawking about the deficit. but they have a big spending problem during the obama years. >> when i was an advisor to obama, he came out with a tax plan that didn't get passed. the reason that never went anywhere is the republicans rightfully or wrongfully so said it has to be revenue neutral. now they are saying it doesn't have to be revenue neutral. which i don't mind.
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but i don't see how they get the 51 votes. if it's true there are some fiscal hawks left, they don't have much margin of error. kennedy: and they have areas that are problematic with the salt deductions and the 401ks. they are not going to be taken care of by government pensions or social security. people in their 40s and 50s are hosed if they can't make it. there noise incentive for them to save. >> my approach would have been very different. i would have just done business tax reform many somewhere around 20 to 25%. kennedy: i think that's a great idea. and i think democrats would have gotten on board. kennedy: then when you have that
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victory, then you move on. >> then you go to personal and you are having i different debate. comprehensive tax reform has not been done since the mid 80s. there is a reason for it. kennedy: they are not doing this one for the gipper. coming up i'll talk to economist ben stein. earlier the president tweeted, do not under estimate the unity within the republican party. maybe he should have called mitch mcconnell first or jeff flake or bob corker. his establishment friends have declared war on steve bannon. according to the report mcconnell and company plan to launch personal attacks on bannon to protect vulnerable members during the election. will bannon succeed in
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dynamiting the party from the insides out? let me bring in my leather bounds party panel. glenn ham is here. he's joined by joe concha and editor robby soave. you say it's about time these republicans are fighting back because steve bannon declared war on them. >> steve bannon said he hates the republican establishment an wants to reorients their policies around being more vocally against democrats, against the left, and especially about immigration. that was a problem for flake who only departs from mainstream other docky on immigration. he's a little more moderate than where the gop is heading. this puts him on a collision course. so the far it seems voters like the bannon approach.
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they picked trump over so many other options. i don't agree with a lot of his policies, but the gop will have to find some way to fight back without losing the trump base. kennedy: there is something about his personality and message, so republicans are reaching into their war chest with this mitch mcconnell senate leadership fund and they are punching back at bannon. what do they have to do to win this fight? it looks like they can't get anything done, they are incredibly unpopular. >> we learned money doesn't mean a hell of a lot anymore. kennedy: citizens united, go eat it. >> there was grassroots and social media and trump on social media. bannon is in a greats position. he descronlts to execute on anything because he was in the white house and didn't do anything there.
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he can just complain about stuff and say we need change. you can have all the open warfare you want. the scoreboard is bannon 3, mcconnell nothing. he has flake out, cork out, and luther strange. he doesn't have to do a heck of a lot and doesn't need a lot of money to do it. kennedy: the mitch mcconnell sides of this is personal for bannon. question you are stalking about people having to fulfill some litmus test saying they are going to vote against mitch mcconnell as majority lead per because steve bannon hates him so much, that's one of the things where voters can say what's in it for me. >> the president himself has been supporting more of the bannon candidates. he wants that majority to be intact. kennedy: and he wants to back candidates who will win.
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>> if you look sat flake and corker, they didn't look to be in strong positions and the began noon candidates may have been disruptive. this may bring a more strong primary candidate. it opens the field a bit. kennedy: it won't be hard for them to tie bannon to charlottesville and message white supremacist and that's what some of these establishment republicans are going to do. >> the challenge they have on the other side is bannon can play into the continued unrest of a large swath of the american people. they are upset and they are still looking for the action promised them in the last election. kennedy: by steve bannon. >> he has a lot of power in his court. kennedy: you told me to vote for the guy who is looking out for me, and he hasn't done anything yet. >> that's because of the establishment not playing along
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in congress. kennedy: the president talked about the steps he's taking to fight america's opioid crisis. president trump: my administration is declaring the opioid crisis a national federal emergency. i'm directing our agencies to fight the opioid crisis. kennedy: ox i co-don't and commentandfentanyl has killed o0 people last year. 60,000 americans think marijuana should be -- 64% of americans think marijuana should be legalized.
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robby, you have done some reporting on this. what is the correlation between opioid overdoses and death and states where there is legal marijuana. >> states where there is legal marijuana they have seen a decrease in opioid overdoses. people can use marijuana to treat their pain and anxiety it's a goodal earn tough to -- it's a good alternative. kennedy: if they if they irresponsibly use it, the chances of them dying are clothes to zero. >> it's not addictist way opioids are -- it's not addictive the way oa -- the way
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opioids are. >> treatment is smart and stopping supply. my wife is an e.r. doctor. new jersey passed a great law. you have to have a five-day supply only prescribed to people. if they still have the pain they have to go back to the doctor and get the prescription filled again. kennedy: the opposite happens. because when you have prohibition on stuff like opioids for people who are truly in pain and need it as medicine and you limit that supply, what gets bigger? the black market. >> drug seekers come in saying i have got stomach pain, can you give me oxycontin?
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>> we don't want to take away medicine from people who are in pain. kennedy: that's what's happening with this hysterical push to stem the tide. you don't want kids to get addicted. but we also have to treat the demand. >> there is definitely a demand problem. that's related to how the economy is going. the most of hard-hit parts of the country are suffering the most of with the opioid crisis. some of these underlying factors driving people into depression. this order is -- kennedy: low-income states where there is a direct correlation between the number of people on medicaid who become addicted to this. economic prosperity will go a long way in helping people out of this pain. and that's the stuff we have to focus on. it goes back to less government,
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less restriction. stop with the prohibition. >> the evidence is so clear. young people, marijuana is their drug of choice. it actually stops them from getting into harder drugs. they are using alcohol less. marijuana is a saferral earn tough. we have to be realistic. >> and we wouldn't have kit kat quesadillas. a new development in hillary clinton's pesk ski uranium deal. could she be in real legal trouble? katie pavlich is next with the details.
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adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. kennedy: hillary clinton's uranium problem is getting so radioactive she may want to carry a geiger counter. the justice department lifted the gag order on the informant. when hillary clinton was secretary of state her state department helped approve a deal to sell 20% of our uranium to
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russia. they apparently bribed anybody they could find to get the deal done. there are rumors some of that money ended up at the clinton foundation. joining me now, town editor, fox news contributor, katie pavlich. one-on-one, just like haulin' oats. katie: the details on what the president asked for are still a little bit unclear. however, i do like the idea that the justice department was willing to allow this informant to testify before congress. just because we had an election doesn't mean the corruption of the past goes away. there is a crisis of confidence regarding our institutions.
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and it's important for the justice department and congress to clear air. and when there is allegations of corruption as we have seen through the blockbuster reporting the last couple weeks with the clintons, it's important to pursue those investigations. kennedy: you have got the clintons, you have got russia. you have got people who have taken pleas. in this case chuck grassley who chairs the senate judiciary committee has called for a special counsel. as has the informant's lawyer. katie: he tried to bring this out during the 2016 election and was told he could not. kennedy: i think a nda is weird.
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ron desantis said this was not an fbi agent. katie: it's an informant, but it's within the fbi's purview not to have their investigation spread all over the place. he or she -- we have the russians breathing down your backs, and the children tons, you don't want them to know who you are. if he's willing to try to come forward and still after the election is saying there is more to this story the american people need to know, not directly from me, but through congress, he must have some interesting stuff if he's willing to put this much on the line because they are going to suffer the consequences if their name were to ever get out. kennedy: there are staggering ramifications if there are so many levels of government possibly involved. evened the "washington post," and the reporting from "the
8:24 pm
hill." it goes beyond the children tons. there is a structure of power within the fbi. katie: there are serious questions about this deal now. the thing that people aren't talking about, is it a counter intelligence investigation? that means there were national security implications at stake here. the main question again which hillary clinton has a habit of doing, what did she put on the line, what did she put at risk in terms of american national security in order to line bill clinton's pockets with big speaking fees and get $145 million funneled into the children on foundation -- into the clinton foundation. she talks about how horrible russia is. kennedy: it cost her the election but she was directly benefiting from russian
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extortion and kickbacks. katie: the question is were spies close to her, and what do they know? kennedy: so many more questions, you are absolutely right. thank you very much. the russians are flexing their military muscle with boasts that they have the most of powerful army in the world. five years ago, on any given night, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces,
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♪ kennedy: russia says it has the most of powerful army in the world. there is no doubt they have beefed up their military. they have been able to test tonight places like the ukraine and syria. but they still only spends abouts 10 of what we do in the u.s. is this russian boast a real cause for concern? the ambassador from the united states, there is only one you i need to see. that's you, john bolton. russia, russia, russia.
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so much russian news. do you think with the noose tightening on the uranium one deal and the shady details we are learning about and that pesky dossier, do you think russia is using a bit of misdirection talking about having the most of powerful military in the world? >> what nato has been doing to deal with the russian aggression in the baltics and they are projecting their power into eastern and central europe. what they don't get is nato is a completely defensible alliance it doesn't have an offensive capability against russia that is threatening. what the russians don't want is a stronger nato because it will prevent them from doing what they want to do in the sue crane. kennedy: it has to do with oil
8:31 pm
and energy. >> in the year where we have the last statistics, total u.s. uranium production was 2% of the world total. of which uranium one was 20%. you don't corner the world market by buying 4/10 of 1%. if i had been on cfius i would have voted against the acquisition by this company. but the noights was -- but the notion it's going to corner the world's uranium market, 4/10 of 1 percent isn't going to cut it. kennedy: let's talk about russia and going to war. with north korea.
8:32 pm
it always has to russia, is there any benefit to russia in going to war with us and our nato allies? >> i think they want to reestablish their power in eastern and central europe. they want to reestablish historical influence in the middle east. they have done a great job of that in the last 8 years. they are more present in the middle east than they were since the 1970s when anwar sadat expelled the soviets. they fear the long-term implications of chinese efforts to guest control of far eastern russia. kennedy: it's interesting so much of this is still up for grabs. it's hillary's 70th birthday. would you like to say happy
8:33 pm
birthday? >> they were one year ahead of me in law school so i have been burdened with them for longer than most of people. but i will say happy birthday. kennedy: the classified files of the assassination of former president john f. kennedy are finally being released. one can tomorrow imagine what's so sensitive that it had to remain hidden from public view until now. experts say it's unlikely we'll find any new information about the killing. the party panel is back. the man panel thursday. glenn, i will start with you. what do you expect to find in this trove? it will take time to go over
8:34 pm
thousands and thousands of documents. >> it will probably not be an ends to the conspiracy theories. kennedy: i don't think it will be. one of the places we should start looking is mexico city and that tripoli harvey some walled took two weeks before the assassination where he visited the soviet and cue badge embassies. >> they were the soviets then. that was much more menacing. kennedy: they are still soviets. >> can you imagine with social media and cable news was around in 1963 in november when this happened and everything afterwards with all the conspiracy theories we are seeing. kennedy: everyone would have had a phone and we have have had much more access to footage, and it would be covered and there wouldn't be so many questions.
8:35 pm
>> a question we are going to have answered, was it necessary to have this level of government secrecy regarding these files? and the fans will be absolutely not. i could be wrong. kennedy: it will be interesting for transparency advocates. they can say we can handle reading the truth, believe it or not. >> i don't any the government is always competent enough to keep secrets it needs to keep. but this is an example of let the people know and maybe that would have quashed some of the more outlandish conspiracies. kennedy: there were parts of the investigation they did squash. and there was a lot of information they didn't give to the warren commission because they wanted lee harvey some walled to be the only person who was under investigation. >> a patsy as if he was called
8:36 pm
it's hard to believe lee harvey oswald did this alone. kennedy: there is no way. so who killed him? >> hopefully we'll finds out soon. kennedy: i love your optimism, glenn hall. you are a natural skeptic, robby soave. >> we know he's russia and cuban sympathetic. >> you are calling it the original russian involvement in u.s. politics. kennedy: thank you so much. robby, joe and glenn. coming you have, as republicans fight over a new tax plan. they could be coming after your 401k. what is this about a new gas
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fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. kennedy: the showdown continues or 401ks. the president tweeted this has always been a tax break that works and it stays. kevin brady says they are
8:41 pm
exploring the idea of lowering the pretax limit. the president's chief economic advisor reportedly wants to raise the federal gas tax it has stayed the same since 1990. but that would be little consolation to voters who would get hammered by the cost of gas and goods. the capitalist code, it can say your life and make you rich. one day you'll be as rich as you. >> you are richer than i. you are rich in youth and beauty and i'm old and poor and that makes we poor by the standard of the world. kennedy: let's create our own standard. what do you think about lowering the limit on the 401k. >> preparing for your old age is
8:42 pm
a hell of a big job. and we don't want to discourage you. incentivizing them. they should have their own incentives. because to be old and worried about money is a horrible way to be. they should be saving in the stock market. hook up their caboose or wagon to the cap tallist machine, the free enterprise capitalist machine. and the fed. kennedy: be done with the fed. >> we like the fed with i'm sorry. kennedy: i got emotionally aroused. i was right there with you on the capitalism machine. what do we do as far as taxes and creating this impressive tax reform we have been promised? it doesn't look like we are going to get that. >> i don't think we want it except in one big regard.
8:43 pm
there should not be a corporate tax at all. there should be a tax on the stockholders who own the corporation but not a tax on the corporation itself. kennedy: what would that do? >> that would caught out a giant level of bureaucracy. and it would allow the taxpayers to be much richer and create more incentive to invest it's jury rigged so it would be set up to pay more a bonus to people who invest at home. but having a corporate tax in the middle. consumer corporation, stock hoarltd. no need for the one in the middle. they created it in world war i. reyou haved it in world war ii to raise money. kennedy: "the capitalist code," a great book. i know you are close with jimmy
8:44 pm
kimmel. you gave him his first tv job. >> i didn't give it to him, he earned it. i'm sorry for his quarrel with the people at fox. he's an astonishing genius. an incredibly kind man. i love him a lot. i just wish i could convince him about the democrat versus republican guy. he knows where his blood is butter -- where his bread is buttered. he's a progressive, but he has a thorough understand knowledge of how he got to be rich. kennedy: how do you describe yourself. >> i'm a thorough capitalist. i have been a republican since before you were born. i don't think i voted for a democrat for anything. if henry jackson were running i would vote for him.
8:45 pm
but i believe in capitalism. capitalism is a great thing. it's a great thing. kennedy: that's one of the lessons my dad imbued upon all of us. tomorrow would have been his 77th birthday. on his head stone it says father, grandfather, capitalist. >> really? that's fantastic. god bless with you be madame. kennedy: everybody likes to have a little fun on the weekend. but a south african man got carried away. the "topical storm" is next. whoooo.
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kennedy: amazon is launching a service that will allow delivery drivers to enter your home when you are not there. the people who like this also like filling out police reports and replacing missing stuff. this is the "topical storm." in south africa, a man has watched the movie "up way too many times. he strapped 100 balloons to a lawn chair and went up 8,000 feet which is really high.
8:50 pm
the flight lasts 15 miles which is longer than most of malaysian airways flights. when he landed it only took his friends two hours to find him. we tried to interview him, but all that helium made him sounds like a chipmunk and i don't speak chipmunk. topic number two. have you ever wondered what would happen if you made a boat out of pumpkin? if so you should probably put count gravity bong. they just held the pumpkin regatta. over 5,000 people turned out to see the giant pumpkin which was provided by a local vegetable grower named barry bonds. he didn't even want money.
8:51 pm
he just wanted participants to throw out a few needles. they have become a popular form of fundraising. they have raced $6 million for charity in the last decade. for that kind of money you could buy a dossier from the russians. topic number three. about two dozen burger king establishments are giving away flee whoppers on halloween -- threat whoppers for -- free whoppers for anyone who showed up in a scary clown mask. their promotion runs from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. if you show up afterwards, you can still get a can of mace. where did you higher the marketing team? the dollar menu?
8:52 pm
basically one car full of clowns. topic number four. the suspected female gaining miss receiving offers to pay her bail after her mugshot went viral and the internet christened her the new hot felon. this is 20-year-old murella ponds and she'll steal your heart as she makes her way to the stage. california police reportedly stopped her for driving with a loaded stolen handgun in the car along with her infant daughter. that's so sweet. but you can't judge her because we all know how heard it is to find a sitter when you are planning a crime spree. over 1,000 men have offered to pay her bail online. and scientists have a term to
8:53 pm
describe them. they are called losers. topic number five, halloween is just around the corner and i have been searching for your razor blades and poison in my inbox. this is your mail. wilhelm writes, your fashion sense is lame, weak and obvious. bob tweets, kennedy is trying too hard to be relevant. hashtag try to age gracefully. your mom tried. nothing graceful about what she does. i have seen her dossier. thomas gives advice. kennedy, you want to know how to make the snow way whether? get a new host! troy wants to know, what's your
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costume for halloween? i'm dressing as wednesday adams. i'm going to grow my hair. and there is my tom selleck flash, i don't even know what that is. that's enough. come on, now. that's funny. that was a good day. and there's the storm troopers. [bleep]. coming up it's hillary clinton's birthday. will she still wish to be president when she blows out the 700 candles? the "nightcap" is next. 5. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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8:59 pm
announced the fbi was restarting the email investigation. at that point she was so overconfident she would be number 45, she jumped the gun congratulating herself for a victory that was too close to declare. she visited the wrong states and offended the wrong deplorables. i'm sure this a somber day for hillary. now all that's left to do is meet with lawyers to help plot her next move which more likely involves the big house and not white house. happy b day marine antoinette. don't forget to have your cake and eat a bag of chips, too. you can follow me on season extra gram and twitter
9:00 pm
@kennedynation. people me at i'll be on team cavuto on the fox news channel. and i'll see if you your dreams. good night. >> all he said was, "who's gonna buy something from bill wagner?" >> turned art scene heavyweight. >> he went from very clean-cut to start wearing brighter-colored shirts, and then his hair grew long. >> how important a name is he? >> there are no comparables. >> he leaves behind a puzzle. >> oh, the sun is shining. or it's an egg. are you sure these go together? >> it's always a mystery. >> this is all your dad's? >> it's a very small portion of the art that he produced. >> how do you handle an 8-ton inheritance? >> every single day, i've thought, "what am i going to do with it?" [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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